#11 Little Moments.

I love our little family more than anything, but weeknights at our house can turn into utter chaos in just a matter of seconds. Everyday after work, the rat race begins. Pick the kids up from school, drive home in downtown Nashville traffic, get home, put dinner on, feed the kids, bathe the kids, put them to bed, then finally sit down for the night. Most nights, I’m lucky if I sit down by 8:00 at night. And that’s just life with littles; I know this won’t last forever, it’s a busy phase of our lives.

So when chaos unsues, and I look over at my husband as he’s just cracking up laughing, it makes me so grateful to be sharing this life with him. Tonight, we were bathing the boys together in the tub. The oldest one is talking nonstop, playing with his boats. Meanwhile, the little one has recently begun to pull up to stand (8 months), and now cannot be stopped. He’s always moving. So tonight he’s pulling up, sitting down, crawling around the tub, and splashing everywhere. I’ve got my eyes glued on him, because any moment he can and will throw himself backwards to “float”/ drown, with blank eyes staring at me while he’s underwater, and I’m ready for it. I didn’t even realize what I was doing – I was completely drenched from his splashes, and clearly I was trying and failing to keep this child contained within the small space. I look over and my husband has his head resting on the tub, laughing hysterically as he’s watching us. We must have been quite the scene. I started laughing with him, realizing what this must look like. I love that I have a man that I can laugh with through the chaos. He helps me slow down and enjoy the everyday moments, as I know these days will pass all too quickly. B56203BB-0AA2-4F44-9B49-F77DD611383C.jpeg