#16 Mom’s Garden.

My mom worked at an elementary school for almost 25 years.  Just after Mom passed away, the school designed a memorial garden in honor of her.  When she worked there, she would volunteer her time weeding the garden beds and sprucing up the school.  Because of budget cuts, the school could no longer afford to keep up with the maintenance of the garden beds, and so my dad and a group from his church organized an outing to do just that: they volunteered one Saturday a year to spend a few hours cleaning up around the school.  They have been doing this now for the last few years.  He sent photos yesterday, and I just love seeing so many flowers in bloom.  I know she would have loved to see them.



They’re not pictured in the photos because they haven’t bloomed yet, but there are almost a dozen pink hydrangeas planted behind the flowers.  I love seeing these in bloom in front of the school; hydrangeas are my favorite flower.