#58 Retail Therapy.

I have not been writing as often as I would like recently, and it is because I have had a lot on my mind.  I recently stopped breastfeeding my youngest, just a little over a month ago, and since then I have noticed changes in my breast.  I found some dimpling in one of my breasts, and while chances are these changes are normal following two pregnancies and breastfeeding two children for almost a year each, dimpling is usually not a good finding.  Naturally I was nervous, and I immediately called my doctor and scheduled an appointment.

I absolutely love my OB/GYN doctor.  She knows my health history, and she listens to my concerns.  Not only listens, but validates my concerns and makes the appropriate decisions.  She is thorough, and scheduled a mammogram and breast ultrasound for the following week.

Feeling relieved that my concerns were heard, but incredibly nervous for the week ahead, I immediately headed to Target.  I can always count on Target to help relieve some stress.  I also had a mission I wanted to complete.  One of my friend’s sisters is currently being hospitalized for cystic fibrosis, and I wanted to send a little sunshine her way.  I found some fun things to help give her something to do while she would be stuck in the hospital for a few weeks.  I picked up a journal, some cute pens, candy, and an iTunes gift card.  I hope that these little somethings could help take her mind off of the seriousness of her situation.

I headed into work after my Target run, and after I sent off my package to be delivered, I headed towards the children’s hospital.  One of my research studies is being conducted inside the children’s hospital, so I needed to check on a few patients there today.  Nothing sobers you up more quickly or makes you more grateful for your life than walking through a children’s hospital.  Every time I walk through those doors and see the struggles that other parents face, I thank my lucky stars for my incredibly blessed life and my wonderfully healthy boys.  I know that no matter what these test results show next week, I have my family and my friends that I can count on.  We will make it through no matter what life throws our way.