#65 What a Day.

There are some days when you think life cannot get any more chaotic than it already is, but then it proves you wrong.  Today was that day, and man, I am beat.

Our hot water heater broke this week, so it has been quite the adventure trying to keep two kids and ourselves clean in cold water.  Thankfully, it is summertime, so the water is not nearly as cold as it could be.  Andrew and I knew the day was coming when our water heater would give out on us.  It is nearly 25 years old, and we knew when we bought the house it was only a matter of time before it needed to be replaced.  Because we knew it was on its last leg, we had Lee Company come out to give us a quote for a tanked heater v. a tankless water heater.  We really wanted to be able to purchase a tankless, and knowing what we could afford at the time, we were hoping to get just a few more months of use out of the old one to give us enough time to save up.  Unfortunately, that did not happen the way we had planned, and so we found ourselves one night without any hot water.

Fast forward to today, Friday.  The hot water repairman was scheduled to come around noon today to start the repair.  I was hoping to take the entire day off from work, but unfortunately there were just a few things that I needed to finish before I could have the weekend off, so I was just going to stop in for a few hours.  I had no sooner finished my last email when I get a call from daycare.  Will had a fever and was sleeping on the couch in his classroom.  I noticed this morning that he was not interested in eating his breakfast, and when I asked him about it he told me his stomach hurt.  This is not the first time he has complained about a stomachache, and he was acting normal despite the pain, so I dropped him off at school without one complaint out of him.

I hurried to get the kids from school, rushed home in order to get there on time for the repairman, and when I open the front door of our house, I notice there are at least 15 piles of cat vomit covering the floors of our house.  I look in the cat’s food dish, and I notice that his food nor his water have been touched – a rarity in that cat’s life.  He is always eating.  He looks pitiful, and I try to encourage him to take a drink of water.  I call my sister-in-law, who is a veterinarian to see what next steps I should take.  She encouraged me to take him to the vet for some fluids, an anti-emetic, and possibly some blood work and an antibiotic.  Unfortunately, with the repairman coming in a matter of hours, the cat would have to wait.  I put the littlest one down for a nap, started a movie for Will so he could lay on the couch, and ordered myself some Jimmy John’s.  I deserved a good lunch after putting out fires all morning long.

Did I mention my friends were also arriving today from Ohio?  My dearest friends from college, one of whom had never been to Nashville, were arriving later today for a weekend visit.  Thankfully, they sent me a text around noon to let me know that they were just leaving Cleveland.  That gave me at least until 8:30 pm to get this crazy hairy mess of a day under control.

The repairman finished up the job, Will was napping peacefully on the couch, and Nathan was taking a monster nap by the time my husband arrived home from work around 5 pm.  By that point, the cat was looking terrible, and I ran him to the emergency vet.  The veterinarian did exactly what my sister-in-law had suggested, and the entire workup took about an hour and a half.  I ran home, stuffed some dinner into my face, and took a nice, steaming hot shower courtesy of our brand new water heater.

My friends arrived an hour or so later, and together we all went out to a wine bar in town.  A much deserved cocktail hour and some good conversation was had with old friends.