#85 Road Trip Professionals.

My sweet little boys did so wonderful on the car ride back to Tennessee.  After the stressful ride to get to New York, having a peaceful and uneventful ride home was exactly what we needed.

We have an incredibly busy fall ahead of us.  We have four trips we will be taking this fall:

  1. New York for Grandma’s 90th birthday (done!)
  2. Austin, TX for my brother’s wedding
  3. Ohio for my dad’s wedding
  4. North Carolina for Thanksgiving

As much as we tried, plane tickets have been outrageous for each one of these trips, so we will be taking our car for each one of these events.  I was dreading this first car trip the most; this trip to New York was by far the furthest we will need to travel, and the shortest trip considering the distance.

Traveling to Austin will not be nearly as difficult.  We are taking an entire week to spend there, and making it into our family vacation.  We are breaking up the drive by stopping to see my uncle in Dallas, we will then stop in Waco for a short visit (you cannot drive past the Silos and not stop to see Chip and JoJo!), before making our final destination to Austin.

Thanks goodness the boys were troopers.  Even a hospitalization could not get in the way of their good disposition.  I give a lot of credit to the Sesame Street DVD, loads of snacks, and the travel Bingo game for the success of this last trip.  One trip down, three to go!