#88 ABG with the Spoons.

Today, was the follow-up appointment to the follow-up appointment.  Today, we spoke with the neurologist who gave us the final reading on Will’s EEG.

As we were driving in for his appointment this morning, Will asked me if we had to get the ABG test done today.  When I asked him what he meant, he continued to say “the ABG test with the spoons”.  He was referring to his EEG, and the spoon leads that were used to scoop up the goopy adhesive to apply to his head.  Sweet boy.  When I explained to him that we were only going to talk to the doctor today, he perked right up.

Thankfully, the news we received today was all very reassuring.  The neurologist said that this was most likely a complex febrile seizure.  I will not go into all of the medical details, but fortunately for most children who have febrile seizures (apparently 6% of all kids have these, or 1 in 20), 70% of these kids have only one febrile seizure.  These are typically outgrown by the age of 6, so we only have to get through two more years until he has outgrown them.  She said to be careful with Nathan, though.  She said that since his brother had a febrile seizure, his chances increase from 6 to 10%.  Though now that we have seen one and know what to expect, I think we will be more ready to handle the situation.

This has been a long week.  I am grateful that this was not something more serious than a febrile seizure.  I am grateful that Will is a healthy boy.  And I am so grateful that it is Friday.