#115 Our Family Today.

I will post more about the wedding weekend once I get home, so for today I just want to post one of the pictures we received from Dad and Tammey from their wedding day.


The day was absolutely beautiful.  The ceremony was heartfelt and personal.  It was easy to see the love my dad and Tammey felt for eachother.

My favorite part of the entire ceremony was watching Nathan crawl up to see Papa while he was about to give his vows.  A little backstory: Nate loves his Papa.  Since the first time he met my dad and every time he has seen my dad since, they have a special bond.  The times that we have visited with my dad, Nate is always preferring Papa to hold him.  They are two peas-in-a-pod inseparable.

So a few weeks before the wedding, my dad called me and said that Nate may try to run up to see him during the ceremony.  My dad said that was alright with him, and he even encouraged it to happen.  He was afraid that if I tried to hold him back from seeing his Papa, he would cause more of a commotion than if we just let my dad hold him for a few minutes during the ceremony.  My dad was right – as soon as Nate saw Papa walk in front of the altar, he was itching to get to him.  My dad held him for a few minutes, and then Nate happily went back into my arms, ready to sit the remainder of the ceremony in my lap.

Papa knows best.