#8 Girls Night Out.

There is a great group of girls that live in my neighborhood, and we had the chance to grab dinner and see a show tonight.  The show we saw was #imomsohard, a hilarious duo of mom comedians. It felt so good to get out, have a few drinks with mom friends who can totally relate to this stage of life, and laugh about mom life.  

When we first moved into our neighborhood, Andrew and I were the only young couple living there.  We live in an older neighborhood, and what drew us to it were the matured trees, the solid build of our house, and the school district.  Shortly after we moved into our house, the neighborhood began turning over, and new families started moving in. The first young couple we met moved directly across the street from us, and have now become dear friends of ours.  We have now been in our house almost five years now, and within that time, multiple families have moved in, bringing our kids gang to almost double digits. It is exactly what we pictured when we moved into our home, and it’s been so wonderful watching this dream of ours come to fruition.   

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