#21 Friday Night Movie.

My husband is a bad ass.  I offhandedly mentioned a few years ago that our backyard is the perfect setup to create a movie screen with a projector so we could watch movies outside.  We have two large oak trees in our backyard, and I thought it would be the perfect place to hang a sheet and play movies on the screen, but my sweet husband took it one step further.  He actually built a frame, attached it to our fence, and got an actual projection screen.  He found some refurbished parts for the projector and speakers, and even bought a Roku so we could have Netflix in the backyard.  Before we knew it, we were inviting the neighbors over and playing a movie for the neighbor kids while the adults sat around the fire pit drinking beers.  It was a perfect night, and we will be sure to have many more of these fun events this summer.  I love the memories that we are creating for our kids.