# 22 Mother’s Day.

For those of us who have lost a mother, a grandmother, a child, or other significant woman in your life, Mother’s Day can feel like a blessing and a curse.  I am so grateful to be a mother to my two beautiful boys, and on this day I choose to acknowledge and celebrate that aspect of my life.  To face the other aspect, celebrating a mother who is no longer here, is still too painful to think about on this day.  Maybe some day it won’t bring so much anguish, but until that day comes, I choose to focus my attention on my wonderful kids who made me a mother.

I found this little booklet at the store this week, and I found it fitting to purchase two in honor of Mother’s Day.  It’s called Letters to My Son, and inside this booklet are a handful of prompted letters to write to your boy for them to open at a later date.  My mother was big on writing letters; she wrote letters to me during pivotal moments of my life – after graduating college, before getting married, and before having my first baby.  I will cherish these letters forever.  I can still hear her voice and feel her love for me as I read her words.  I want my boys to have something handwritten from their own mom, in hopes that my own written words may bring them the same comfort some day.

The most wonderful gift my mother ever gave me was her love.  I have never once ever questioned the love that she felt for me; her fierce love for my brother and me shone through everything that she did.  The most meaningful gift that I could ever pass on to my children is love, and I plan on spending every day of my life setting the same example that my mother gave for me.

If you want to bring happiness into the world, go home and love your family – Mother Theresa