#37 Will’s Birthday Invitation.

For Will’s first birthday, Andrew and I went all out.  We invited all of our friends and family, and surprisingly many family members were able to attend despite having the party out of state – many of them traveled over 10 hours to celebrate his special day.  We had a photographer come out to capture some candid photos – at the time, I felt a little silly having a professional photographer there, but it was so great having those moments captured on film without being the one responsible for getting those shots.  That way, Andrew and I could actually be in the pictures and not the ones behind the camera.  The party was baseball-themed, and we made sure all of the little details of baseball were incorporated.  I need to find those photos from his birthday and share them here at some point.

Anyway, after his first birthday, we toned the parties down a bit.  I said I wanted our kids’ first birthdays to be a big bash, and then the ones following would be less over-the-top.  His 2nd birthday was Mickey Mouse themed, with just my dad and our close friends, and his 3rd birthday was a simple space-themed party held at our neighborhood pool.  His 2nd birthday was just two months after my mom passed away, and it was difficult enough picking out his birthday cake knowing she wouldn’t be there, that I was merely surviving through the day.  His 3rd birthday was held just a month before Nathan was born, and I was so big and uncomfortable that the only thing I wanted to do was stand in the pool to keep from overheating.

This year, however, we may be hosting another bash.  It wasn’t my intention to do a big party, but after the last few years of having more low-key events for his day, I thought it was time to celebrate this special boy in a big way.  Will is really into Star Wars this year, and it’s so easy to really get into this theme.  There are so many simple ways to create an amazing Star Wars party, that it has been difficult to not get too caught up in the excitement.  Last night, I finalized his birthday invitation.  I created it as a document, and then saved it as a .jpg file, in order to simply text it to our friends.  Keeping it simple.

The inspiration for these invitations can be found here.

We are just a few weeks away, and until then I will be crafting away!