#36 Busy busy.

These last few weeks have been an absolute blur.  The busyness kicked off with hosting my dad and his girlfriend for a week at our house.  Shortly after they left, we hosted our friends over Memorial Day weekend while their house was on the market.  The following weekend, we visited Chattanooga.  We returned from our vacation, and the following day I hopped on a plane and was in D.C. for a work trip.  All the while working full time and juggling two kids.

Whew.  Let me catch my breath.

Needless to say, this weekend was exactly what we needed.  After weeks of nonstop plans and agendas, our weekend was wide open.  We started our weekend with our usual tradition, Friday night movie night.  On Saturday, we spent half the day at our neighborhood pool.  It was so relaxing to be there; we were the only ones there for most of the morning.  We played hooky from the neighborhood pool party that night – we were pretty beat, and having spent the morning at the pool didn’t feel up to returning.  Sunday was pretty rainy, so our hopes of weeding the garden went by the wayside and we were forced to remain indoors.  I say “forced” lightly – we spent the day playing in the bonus room, cleaning up the kitchen and doing laundry, and then headed out for some grocery shopping that evening.  We got a lot done without stressing ourselves out, and got some quality family time together, so overall a successful weekend.


At the pool on Saturday morning.

This week is starting out just as chaotic as the others: Nate has another ear infection; he had one a few weeks ago but unfortunately the antibiotics must not have cleared it.  Andrew and I were up late taking care of him while he fussed, poor boy, but he woke up this morning seemingly fine.  I took him to school, and he then proceeded to throw up all over my scrub top.  The boys’ birthdays are quickly approaching, and my computer decided to die while making Will’s evite.  Hopefully a quick trip to the computer store will have it up and running again.

Happy Monday, friends.  Keep on keeping on.