#35 Chattanooga.

We just returned home after a long weekend in Chattanooga, and we had a great time with our little family.  Andrew and I found a wonderful Airbnb just a few blocks away from the artsy district, the Northshore.  It was the sweetest little bungalow, just a cozy place to unwind after our daily adventures.  We eased into each day enjoying a morning cup of coffee before packing the stroller and heading out for the day.

Each day we strived to do one major activity, then depending on how the boys were feeling after their afternoon naps, we could head out again for additional activities.  This was key in the success of the trip; we didn’t overbook ourselves, and we made sure to work in nap time.  We also walked everywhere, which really wiped out our eldest and made bedtime much easier.  We cooked a few simple meals in, and after the boys were asleep, Andrew and I enjoyed a bottle of wine out on the front porch.

We hit up the train station, where we took a short train ride and the boys got to climb on real train engines.

At the Tennessee Valley Railroad Station

We also went to the aquarium and the children’s museum, and the boys thoroughly enjoyed both.  We went out for ice cream almost every night at the famous local ice cream shop, Clumpie’s.  Chattanooga is such a fun family-friendly town, and with it being such a short drive from Nashville, it made for a great getaway weekend.

The things about this trip that I never want to forget: Will telling Andrew and I repeatedly that he loves each of us.  “I love all of us”, he would say, and then go on to list off all of our names.  The way the boys giggled at each other in the morning because they were so excited to be sharing a room.  Watching Nate follow his brother all around the house, wanting to play with the same toys as Will.  Nathan devouring his first taste of spaghetti and meatballs.  Will stopping at every part of the sidewalk that had dance moves and him trying to copy them.  Taking the kids to a bar on our anniversary, and then being complimented on how well they behaved.  We’ve got some pretty darn amazing kids, and (I may be biased) they might be the cutest too.