#34 Seven Years.

We celebrated our anniversary a little differently this year.  Usually we get a sitter and take a night out for ourselves, but this year we took a family vacation to Chattanooga and spent it with our boys.  Our last two attempts at taking a trip with the kids both ended in complete disaster, so we were a little nervous to try a third time.  However, I’m happy to report this trip was a success, and we had a relaxing time together (always a surprise when you have littles).

What made our anniversary so special was being able to enjoy it with our babies.  This is our seventh year married, and our tenth year together.  It is so amazing to see how different our lives are from just one decade ago.  And what a milestone; time has truly flown with this man by my side.  The joy and happiness he has brought to my life is immeasurable.  I cannot wait to see what our future holds together.

Happy Anniversary, sweetheart.