#39 Goodbye, Dear Friends.

Tonight we said goodbye to our dear friends who are moving to St. Louis.  We met them for dinner at Loveless Cafe, and then spent some time after dinner wandering the grounds taking pictures of our kids together.

We have spent the last few years getting together with them at least once a month.  We took turns hosting in our homes – whoever hosted was in charge of dinner, while the guests would then bring dessert.  We fell into an easy routine.  Our kids are similar ages; they got along great and were the best of friends.  The kids would play together while we had our own adult game night.  They are as easygoing as we are, and it was always relaxing and fun getting together with them.

Rebekah and I were even pregnant at the same time – our youngest boys were born just one day apart.  We then spent the next six weeks after our babies were born meeting at the mall to take walks in the air conditioning (it was August, it was hot!), and then would find places to sit inside the mall so we could nurse our babies.  It was fun sharing our pregnancies together.

Unfortunately, Rebekah’s fellowship ended, and they found a great job closer to their families.  It was the right decision for them, but it doesn’t make it any easier saying goodbye.  We made a pact to get together once a year; since my husband and she are in the same profession, we agreed to meet up at their work conferences wherever they would be held.  We could also meet halfway between Nashville and St. Louis for a weekend of camping.  It is not a goodbye, it is more of a see you later.  But when it is so rare to find friends like them, they will be sorely missed.