#48 One School.

It has been a long six months, and yesterday, our lives became a little less complicated.  The boys had been attending two separate schools for the last six months, and it has been exhausting to say the least.  The schools were not that far away from eachother – across the parking lot as a matter of fact.  But the simple act of parking the car, signing in one child, getting one child settled into their classroom all to do it over again in the next school easily added 20 minutes to our morning.  Multiply that by two, and suddenly it was adding an additional 40 minutes to an hour to our daily routine.

So yesterday was pure bliss.  Nathan started his first day in his new infant classroom, and Will started in his new preschool classroom, all under the same roof.  Will was a little hesitant to start in his new classroom, but once we dropped off his brother Will felt ready to start his day.  As I set off to work, no tears were expressed from either one.  I came back to their school to find both boys smiling ear to ear, with reports from both of their teachers saying that they had wonderful days.  It makes the mom guilt a little less to see our kids happy, playing, and enjoying their days away from me.  I am taking this as a sign of good things to come this school year.