#49 Captain America’s Birthday.

4th of July in our neighborhood looks like quintessential small-town American living.  I absolutely love this holiday, and the party that our neighborhood throws is something that I look forward to every summer.  The neighborhood organizes a parade in which the local firemen drive their fire truck through the neighborhood.  The kids then follow the fire truck down the street, all on their bikes that are decked out in red, white, and blue.  As the fire truck blares is horn, the kids all squeal with delight as they chase the truck down the street, creating our own mini-parade down our street.  The fire truck stops at the end of the cul-de-sac, and the firemen let all the kids climb the truck and it is the perfect opportunity for family photos.  An ice-cream social is then started at our pool, and the rest of the day is spent playing in the pool, BBQ-ing, and hanging out with our friends.

It was Nathan’s first 4th of July this year, and we decked out the wagon and both boys rode down the street, waving miniature American flags and celebrating “Captain America’s Birthday”, as Will called it.  We then spent a few hours at the pool, hosted our friends at our house for a cook-out, and then caught a fireworks show down the street.  Overall, a great day spent together as a family.

Happy Birthday, America.


Our wagon all decked out!
Best family photo we could get!
Ice cream social at the pool