#63 A Boy’s Love for his Mama.

Tonight I was laying in bed next to Will. It’s a routine that my husband and I started; every night, one of us has a turn putting Nathan to sleep, while one of us puts Will to sleep. Putting Will to bed includes reading two bedtime stories (it usually turns into 3 or 4, this boy loves books just like his Mama), and then turning the lights out and lying next to him in bed for a few moments while he talks about his day.

I love these uninterrupted minutes that I get to spend with him; we try to talk about our day around the dinner table, but normally conversations are shared with both boys and my husband and I trying to get a quick word in with each other. It is nice to be able to hear his thoughts while lying in his bed with a blanket of (fake) stars and planets glowing in his dark bedroom. Usually he shares stories from his day. Sometimes he asks a thousand questions regarding the book we just read. And other nights, he says the sweetest, most wonderful things to me that make being his Mama all worth it.

Our conversation tonight:

Will: Mommy, why do I have to sleep alone? I want someone to sleep next to me.

Me: Everyone sleeps alone when they’re little. Once you’re married you then sleep next to your person.

Will: I can’t wait to grow up so I can get married and get to sleep next to someone in my bed. Mommy, when I grow up and get bigger, can we get married?

My heart melts to the floor. Our conversation continues, and he then begins to stroke my hair and then says, “Mommy, you’re so pretty”. The bond between a mother and her son is so precious.

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