#62 Nashville Flea Market.

Andrew and I have had the best luck shopping at the Nashville Flea Market, and this weekend was no exception.

I have been thinking about redoing parts of the guest bathroom for some time now, and I came across the perfect wall decor for the space.  Now that we have our two little boys, I thought it would be nice to make the bathroom a little more fun, since the bathroom will mainly be theirs to share.  I have wanted to add more of a nautical flair to the space, and we found a pair of wooden paddles for just $20.  They need a bit of work, just a little paint and distressing – right up my alley.

When Andrew and I first moved into our house, the guest bathroom had carpet on the floor (ewww).  It was not until I was pregnant that we decided we needed to change up the bathroom, since that was the only bathroom with a decent tub to bathe our baby in.  We pulled up the carpet, and Andrew laid the new tile in that bathroom.  He also installed bead-board on the bottom half of the walls, adding lots of character to the space.  We quickly painted the walls a muted green, and while I love the green in there, I think it would be a lot prettier to paint the walls a warm shade of white and add pops of blue and gold to the space.  Here is a collage that I created (Some may call it a mood board?  I seriously had no idea there was a fancy term for what I created, I have been making these since I graduated from college) I am using as my inspiration:

Kids' Bathroom

The floor that Andrew installed is close to the travertine tile pictured, and our bead-board is painted a crisp white.  It would just require me to paint the walls a pretty shade of white – I have that shade pictured painted in many other rooms of the house.  I also want to install barn board around the mirror; we currently have this ugly, outdated white trim around the mirror, and installing barn wood would be an easy fix.  The cabinet below the sink also needs a coat of paint.  I recently painted the half-bathroom cabinet downstairs, and I feel confident that I could easily paint that cabinet as well to match.  Andrew and I saw a shower curtain similar to the octopus curtain pictured, and we both thought it would be fun to incorporate that into the bathroom.  If I ever get around to redesigning this space, I will be happy to share before and after photos!