#61 Camping in the Backyard.

Andrew and I are really looking forward to when our boys are a bit older and we can take them camping; we really think that will be the main way for us to take trips and see the country. Andrew has been itching to get Will outside in a tent so Will can try camping for the first time. Tonight was supposed to be cooler for the first time in weeks; it was not expected to rain either, so Andrew decided to pitch the tent in the backyard and have a little father-son bonding time.

After the tent was set up, Andrew brought out items to make s’mores. We “roasted” marshmallows, we had a “campfire” (our fire pit), and we then watched a movie on the big movie screen outside. It was a fun night, and Will was absolutely giddy about the excitement of camping out for the first time.

Will and Andrew’s camp headquarters.
Our “campfire” site.
Nathan joining in on the fun before bedtime.


Watching Moana in the backyard.

After we watched a movie for a bit, Will turned to us and told us he was ready for bed. It was 9:30 pm, and he was tired after a long week at school. Andrew and I gathered everything up, I turned off the lights outside and said goodnight. I was looking forward to watching TV in bed and getting a little reading done. I barely had a chance to get myself upstairs when I heard the back door open. I thought it was possibly Will coming inside to go to the bathroom before he went to sleep, but then I heard both Andrew and Will’s voices carrying up the stairs. Apparently once the outdoor lights went off, Will decided it was time to come inside. He would not say so, but I think he was a little afraid to be outside in the dark. We tucked him into his bed, and he was asleep before we closed his door. Sweet boy, I guess we will have to wait a little while longer before we attempt a real camping trip.