#68 My Attempt at Yoga.

Over the last several weeks, it has been difficult for me to wake up extra early, pack the kids up in the morning, and get them out the door at a decent time.  This has been rather unfortunate, because then I feel rushed into my morning since I am barely making it to work at a decent time.  This has even become more apparent since now all of the schools are back in session, making traffic an absolute nightmare to drive into work.

This has then cut into my usual morning routine, which includes writing a journal entry for the day.  I have really enjoyed sitting down at my desk in the mornings, when the office is still quiet, and just having a few extra minutes to jot down some thoughts.  It gets me mentally prepared, and helps set the tone for the rest of the day by resetting my brain to think positively.

I decided things would be different today.  I set out running clothes the night before, slept in a sports bra, and was determined to roll out of bed and head out for a jog.  I checked the weather last night, and it was going to be 70 by the time I set out for my morning run – a perfect tempertature for getting a run in.  Fast forward to 5:00 am, and I look outside and realize it is still pitch black.  This was a problem.  I have tried and failed at running in the dark at night; many of the sidewalks surrounding my neighborhood do not have street lights, and I found it incredibly difficult to continue running in the dark.

So I moved to Plan B – I decided to give that yoga studio a try that I have investigating.  I found a yoga studio just two blocks from the kids’ school.  According to their website, they offered 7:00 am community classes for just $5.  I cannot remember the last time I took a yoga class inside a real yoga studio.  Sure, I have done yoga at home with a DVD, but having the actual experience of being inside a hot yoga studio with the calming atmosphere and soothing music – that has not happened in probably close to 10 years.  I thought this was the perfect solution.  I could drop the boys off and then have a little time for myself.

This morning was running so smoothly; the boys actually woke up at a decent time this morning on their own.  They both ate their breakfasts without a fight.  I had the car packed and the boys ready to go for the time that I would need to make it to the morning yoga class.  Drop off went without a hitch, and I pulled into the yoga studio’s parking lot with 15 minutes to spare, this was happening!

I grabbed my things, and walked into the studio.  I could not believe it; I was there, and I could not wait to get started.  As I looked around though, I noticed how sweaty everyone was; I thought perhaps there might have been an early morning class and my class would start shortly afterwards.  I looked around the front desk and found a class schedule.  As I looked, I realized that the class I thought I was attending was not even listed.  The online schedule that was posted was not even close to the schedule that I was holding in my hand.  Feeling defeated, I returned to my car, trying to ignore the funny looks that I was receiving from the people that were in the studio.

As I got back into my car, I started laughing at myself.  Here I was, unshowered and without makeup, to attend a class that did not even exist.  I did not mind getting to work all sweaty from after a workout, but heading to work not showered for no reason now seemed so silly.  I thought about going for a run from there instead, but unfortunately I did not have the right shoes to do so.

However, as I am sitting down at my desk, writing in my journal for the first time in  what seems like weeks, I feel calm and happy.  Maybe this is what today was supposed bring all along.