#69 Starts with the letter “C”.

Every Friday, Will’s class is asked to bring in items that start with a particular letter. This week, the letter “C” was selected. Will and I had talked all week about what item he should bring to share with his classmates. As I was putting toys away last night, I came across his PJ Mask costumes, and I had the perfect answer: Catboy!

We packed his cape and mask into his backpack, and as soon as we got to school he excitedly unpacked it and put it in his cubby. He could not wait to share his item with his friends. When I came to pick him up, I found Will in full costume playing with his friends. He proudly informed me that he wore his Catboy cape and mask all day; he would barely take it off to get in the car for the ride home. He barely stands still for pictures nowadays, but today was an exception. He proudly stood on the stairs and let me get a picture of him in full costume. Love this kid.

It’s Catboy!