#71 Just Call Him “Pig-Pen”.

As we were driving home from school today, Will requested that we play outside in the dirt when we got home. I am more than happy to let my kids get dirty and I encourage them to play outside as much as possible, so we quickly set up a construction site in their dirt pile when we got home.

The boys were happily playing amongst themselves, so I went into the garage to straighten some things up. After a few minutes, I started hearing lots of giggling coming from the dirt pile. I look over to see Nathan covered head to toe in dirt – I could barely make out his little body in the dirt, he blended right in! Will was scooping handfuls of dirt and pouring it over his brother’s back.

My little Pig-Pen.

They were having so much fun, it was hard to break up the party. When it was dinner time, I stripped the boys down to their shorts and hosed them off in the front yard.

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