#74 Nathan’s 1st Birthday.

We celebrated Nathan’s 1st birthday in a BIG way today… complete with a construction theme!  It fits his little personality so perfectly, that boy just loves getting dirty!

It was a small group of us – just my Dad, my uncle, and a few close friends stopped by to wish him well on this big milestone.  I went way overboard with the decorations and the food, but it was so much fun doing it and I wanted to celebrate my little boy in the best way I know how.

Nathan Bday mailbox

As I made for Will’s 1st birthday, I made his birthday cake from scratch.  The recipe is from a dear friend of ours who is a great baker.  It is a really rich chocolate cake, and what gives it its really rich flavor is coffee.  While I usually am not a huge chocolate cake fan, this one is the exception.  It was not until Will was halfway through his smash cake did I realize that not only had I given him tons of sugar on his birthday, I gave him coffee as well… it kept him up for the rest of the party!  I thought that for Nathan I ought to maybe alter the ingredients in his smash cake, but I decided to keep the coffee in there.  Tradition, right?

I made a simple taco bar and called it the “Build Your Own Taco” station (see what I did there?) Nathan’s favorite food is currently beans and rice, so he loved his birthday meal!

His sweet little outfit I found on Amazon.  As I was searching for construction-theme party ideas, I saw so many pictures on Pinterest with little boys wearing construction work boots.  I knew I had to find some!

The Birthday Boy



Happy Birthday, big boy!