#90 A Boat Caught in the Storm.

Once again, the craziness of life has caught up to me.  The anxiety that I have tried to suppress rears its ugly head, and I feel lost and struggling to keep my head above water.

Just to recap, here are the events that have occurred in the last four months:

  • My dad announced he is getting remarried
  • We hosted our friends over Memorial Day weekend
  • Our family Chattanooga trip
  • Our 7 year anniversary
  • Work trip to D.C.
  • 4th of July and Will’s 4th Birthday
  • Trip to Houston for my brother’s co-ed bridal shower
  • My recent health scare
  • My college girls visit for a weekend
  • Our hot water heater broke
  • My cat got sick, requiring emergency veterinary care
  • Nathan turns one
  • My dad and my uncle visit for Nathan’s birthday weekend
  • My husband refinishes the garage, requiring two full weekends to complete the project
  • Our trip to New York over Labor Day weekend
  • Will’s recent hospitalization

Never mind the endless process of juggling work, the kids’ minor illnesses, doctors’ appointments, and gearing up for two major upcoming weddings in a matter of weeks.  My head is spinning just thinking about everything we have managed over the last few months.

While I know many of these activities have been a lot of fun, working in all of these fun activities around day-to-day stuff has been like being caught on a boat in the storm.  I am trying to ride out the waves, but every now and then I begin to feel sick and find myself clinging to the siderails just to survive.  I hope this will pass quickly.