#97 A Little Boy’s Dream.

My uncle is a great guy. My brother and I always considered him our favorite uncle growing up, and after today he has solidified his rank as favorite in Will’s mind, too. He is an outdoorsman, and loves sharing his love of the outdoors with his family. He had made all kinds of plans for when we came down to visit him in Dallas, and today we had quite an adventure.

My uncle sells Kubota tractors, and so we spent half the day at his work while Will rode tractors with him. I have never seen such a smile on that little boy’s face before. He was literally skipping with glee between one tractor to the next. He and Uncle Doug would climb up into these huge machines, then take a small ride in each of the tractors and excavators, lifting and lowering each of their huge booms.

We then spent the rest of the day fishing. Will caught his first bass, too. Uncle Doug surprised Will with his very own fishing pole and tackle box, so we will make sure to continue taking him to local ponds to feed his love of fishing.

After a nice dinner out to a local Mexican restaurant, we put the kids to bed and played cards and drank margaritas. Playing cards is something my family always does when we get together, and I absolutely love the tradition. This is starting out to be a great vacation.

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