#98 We Made it to the Silos.

A dream of ours finally came true today. Today, Andrew and I took the family to Waco, Texas and we got to visit the Magnolia Market.

We knew when my brother was getting married in Austin that Waco would have to be a stop on our list. We have watched the show since it first premiered; in fact, I went into labor with Will watching the series beginning, and we have been hooked ever since. I have just loved watching their sweet family create beautiful homes within their own home town.

We all had a great day touring the grounds. Will absolutely loved playing on the open turf with the bean bags and kick balls. I grabbed some Magnolia gear, and then we all had cupcakes from the Silos Bakery. After seeing the Silos, we went up the street to see the Harp Design Co. store, hoping to catch a glimpse of Clint or Kelly. Andrew got his HDC t-shirt and some pictures of Clint’s shop, and then we left Waco to get to Austin for the beginning of the wedding festivities.

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