#108 The Sickness.

The plague has hit our house, and it struck poor Will.  He came down with a fever during school on Tuesday.  I got a call from daycare to come get him; his fever was 100.4 and he was complaining of body aches.  Since it was low grade I was not terribly concerned; Andrew and I both thought it could just be a reaction from receiving his flu shot over the weekend.  Wednesday comes, and his temp is 102.  Thursday 103.  Even late Thursday night, it almost hit 104.  This was not a reaction; this was full-blown flu.

He has been the sweetest little trooper through all of this.  Kids are so precious – as soon as that ibuprofen hits the blood stream, their temp comes down and they are feeling good.  Will pops off the couch, plays blocks, and is back to his normal chatty self.  However, as hour 6 approaches since his last dose of medicine, the glassy eyes set in, his pallor changes to a sickly green, and he immediately returns to the couch.  We have watched more Octonauts and PJ Masks than should be allowed, but if it keeps him comfortable I am happy to oblige.  My husband bought him a new mini Lego set yesterday – something new for him to build while he has been stuck indoors on the couch.  When your kids are so sick and so helpless, you cannot help but want to spoil them.  This sweet child still asks for his apple juice and medicine with a “please” and “thank you”, how does your heart not melt?

The hardest part about this week has been keeping Nathan away from his big brother.  We have been taking the little one to school in hopes to keep them separated.  Nathan lights up as soon as he sees Will, and he just cannot wait to get his hands on him.  He loves to snuggle and wrestle with his big brother, so this week has been difficult on both of them.

As Will was crawling back onto the couch this afternoon, he told me in his cute little voice, “Mama, I have been sick for days.  By Saturday I will be better.”  I hope so sweet boy, I hope so.