#120 Farewell, For Now.

Following the loss of my mom, I was given the name of a counselor who has been incredibly helpful helping me navigate grief.  I had seen her a couple of times in the months following my mother’s death, and I had not seen her in some months when I decided I was due for another appointment.  I began telling her the anxiety that had been creeping in recently.  She asked me about the things I was doing to take care of myself – mostly running and writing – and I mentioned that I had given up both of these things recently.  I told her it had been hard to find the time to run, and gratitude journaling had been difficult.

As we were having this conversation, she gave me the advice I had been needing to hear: you do not always have to be grateful.  She said while gratitude journals can be extremely helpful, right now may not be the best time to utilize one.  She suggested I let myself feel all the emotions I was grappling with, and to come back to writing about gratitude when I was feeling up for it.  I took this as a sign that I needed to take a break.  So farewell, gratitude journal – until next time.