#121 New Year, New Resolutions.

I am back after some much-needed time away.  It felt good to unplug, especially during the holidays, to be present with my family and focus on all the joy and the fun the holiday season can bring.

This year brings a lot of planning.  My husband’s 40th birthday is this year, and I want to have a big birthday bash to celebrate this great milestone.  He is also training for his first half-marathon this year.  The race is on his actual birthday this year, and he took it as a sign to participate to ring in his 40th year.  After those events in April, Will is turning 5 in July.  July is also the anticipated family reunion, which I volunteered to plan this year.  Nate turns 2 in August.  And in September we are hoping to get away on a mini beach vacation as a family of four.  So much to look forward to!

I really only have one new year’s resolution this year:

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I have always been a reader.  As a child, I was the one my parents would find with a flashlight, hidden under the covers, reading a book long past my bedtime.  Since discovering Goodreads and the podcast “What Should I Read Next?”, my to-be-read list is rapidly growing, and I need to pick up the pace in order to get my hands on some of the books I have been anticipating to read.

I also would like to create a more realistic expectation of my online journal.  I want to take away the pressure of a daily journal entry, and take away the pressure entirely of having a set time or amount to write in a given week or month.  This has been a wonderful place to share my thoughts and feelings, and I will continue to do so – just without the added (albeit self-created) stress.

Thank you for being here.