#124 Rhythm of Life.

There comes a point when your baby becomes a toddler, and life starts to find its groove. There is no definite moment; it merely happens over time. One morning you will have realized that it has been weeks since you woke up during the night to comfort your crying infant. Another time, it will hit you as you hold your sleeping toddler in your arms, and he falls asleep in your arms, and you realize you cannot remember the last time that he fell asleep this way.

He starts becoming more independent.  He no longer wants to be spoon-fed, he demands to do it himself.  He asks for things; he communicates his needs.  He begins to play along with his brother.  As he gains his independence, you slowly gain back a little more free time.  Things become easier.  Everyday tasks, like loading two children into the car or cooking a healthy dinner, no longer seem insurmountable.  You begin to feel a little more rested, your mind becomes clearer.

Little by little, little pieces of your life begin to fall into place, and you begin to find a comfortable rhythm of life again.

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