#125 DIY Dining Room Art.

I have always loved the minimalist look of simple words on a white background framed and hung on a wall.  Etsy has all sorts of these designs you can purchase, and while I love shopping on Etsy, there are certain projects that I see online that I know I could make myself for a fraction of the cost.

A few years ago, I printed out this text, traced it onto large white paper, and framed it in a simple barnwood frame for our dining room.

I loved the look of the font, but after a few years time, I wanted the words to say something a little different.  Using the same font and same tracing technique, I found this quote and knew I had to have it on my wall:  “Home is where our story begins”.

Heading to Hobby Lobby, I purchased a large piece of white watercolor paper.  I wanted the paper to have enough weight to hold its shape, yet transparent enough that I could still trace the computer font to the paper.  Watercolor paper also has a great texture, so up close it gives it a more expensive and finished look.

Here is the final product:

After using a coupon from Hobby Lobby, I purchased the paper for around $5.  I used charcoal pencils I already had on hand, and the frame was previously purchased from Hobby Lobby using the same 40% off discount coupon.


The other picture that flanks our china hutch is from our local flea market.  The print and frame were purchased together for a total of $15.  For a grand total less than $30, I have artwork in my dining room that I absolutely love.  This entire project was done in an afternoon; it also only took a few hours to create this one-of-a-kind design.  I brought out crayons and colored pencils, and while I was coloring, my oldest son colored beside me as my youngest boy napped.  Easy afternoon project completed during one nap time.