#132 Nate’s 1st Pancake Pantry Experience.

We found ourselves on a Saturday with no prior commitments, no plans or errands to run – a small victory in itself. We decided to make a family day of it, and started our day off with breakfast at Pancake Pantry.

The Pancake Pantry is a Nashville staple.  There is no doubt that when you find yourself in Nashville looking for a breakfast place, the Pancake Pantry is a sure bet that you are going to have a great meal.  We had not been in quite a long time – Will may have been Nate’s age the last time we went there.

I think we can say without a doubt that Nate approved!

Chocolate chip pancakes for the win!
Playing in the rain while waiting in line.

The rest of our afternoon was spent at the Science Center. One great day for the books.

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