#6 Cardinals.

A dear friend told me shortly after my mom passed away that cardinals are a symbol of a loved one’s spirit nearby.  I promise you, I have never seen so many cardinals in my life until my mom passed away.  

In the weeks before our little Nathan was born, I started aching for my mom to be here again.  It hurt so much to know that she would never meet this extraordinary little person. I would never be able to see the joy on her face when she first got to hold her second grand-baby.  She must have known how much I struggled in those weeks, because honestly I saw a cardinal outside the window of our house every day leading up to Nathan’s birth, and in the weeks after while I was on maternity leave.  Every. Single. Day.

I see a cardinal every time I am out for a run.  And most days, when I’m walking through the parking lot to get to the boys’ school to pick them up, a cardinal flies overhead.  Mama, your presence here is loud and clear, and I am thankful every single day for that.