#51 Home with the Boys.

Today was one of those bonus days that I got to spend home with both of my boys.  I took the day off so I could get the house ready for Will’s birthday party tomorrow, and while I had a lot to get done, having the boys around to help me run my errands was perfectly wonderful.  We started our day lazily, letting Will watch a show while I sipped my coffee on the couch.  Nathan took a morning nap, and then we set off on our day.  Our first and favorite stop was the library.  Will absolutely loves going to the library, and unfortunately is one of those places we do not get to go to very often when we work five days a week.  It was rainy today, so going to the library was even more fitting.  They have two train tables that he absolutely loves to play with, and some other toys perfect for little ones.  Will played with the trains while Nathan played with an activity block.

We then headed off to Kroger to pick up some last minute items for his party.  After that stop, we went to Hobby Lobby for some plates and plastic silverware before heading home.  I remember getting so nervous when I would take Will on errands with me when it was just him; I was so nervous about getting home for nap time, or worried about him crying in a store.  With two it is almost easier – they entertain each other, and I am less worried about the little things.  They had a great time together, and I loved spending the day home with them.  I love days like this, sweet and simple.

Our stop at Kroger.