#52 Will’s Star Wars Birthday Party.

The day finally arrived!  Today was Will’s birthday party, and I am so happy to say he loved every minute of it.  He had an absolute blast sharing his love of Star Wars with his friends, and his friends really got into the theme as well.  I just want to share some pictures here and let the pictures tell the story.

Our little R2D2 and Luke Skywalker.
Goody bags, complete with a Jedi Training Certificate of Completion signed by Yoda himself.
Yoda, Darth Vader, and Storm Trooper Cupcakes, and a Darth Vader cake.


Happy 4th Birthday, Will!
The kids all enjoying their cake.
Will completing the obstacle course, or “Jedi Training Academy” as we called it
“Daddy Vader”, or “Dr. Vader” as some of the kids called him. The look on Will’s face here is priceless – Daddy is seriously the coolest.

Will & his buddy, Joe.
From left to right: Luke (Lukey-Luke), Joe, Lillie, Will, Evelyn, Faye, & Jeremiah

At some point last week, before Will’s party, I was beginning to feel a little self-conscious about the amount of work I had put into his party and the decorations.  Honestly, the projects did not take long (thanks to the new Cricut machine I inherited from my mom!), and the party was not expensive.  But I found myself thinking, “Is this over the top?”.  I enjoyed every minute of making sure his decorations reflected the theme of the party, but was this too much for a kid’s birthday?  I was talking with a friend, and she told me to embrace this time; there will come a time all too soon before this little boy will no longer care to have a big blowout birthday party, so why not enjoy it while it lasts?  I took her advice and went ahead with the party the way I had planned.  It was big, it was over-the-top, and the look on Will’s face was the affirmation that I needed – it was completely worth it.

Helpful Links:

Storm Trooper Goody Bag

Jedi Knight Certificate (mentioned in post but not pictured)

Yoda & Darth Vader cupcakes – Also gave out Star Wars PEZ dispenser and candies from her blog’s inspiration

Star Wars Font – Download here!

Star Wars Printable Party Masks – The kids absolutely loved wearing the R2D2 & BB8 headpieces, and the masks were a hit as well!  Also found the inspiration to create no-sew Jedi Robes from this website – those little robes took less than 15 minutes to make all 10, and the fabric was less than $2 a yard!  Spent less than $15 making those simple but fun party favors.